Introducing Sales Genie, powered by Blue Banana Software

Your Ultimate Activities Management Solution!

What is Sales Genie and how it can help your business?

Sales Genie is a simple to use software, that you can have up and running in 15 – 20 minutes.

Upload your clients and prospects, add your required users to the system and you are go to go!

We don’t look at the tool as a management and watchdog product but rather a solution that can motivate your team by activities and help them keep track on their daily progress and interactions with their clients.

Benefits of Sales Genie:

  • Load clients manually or important from any data source with a copy and paste template supplied.
  • Add prospects or clients at a click of a button.
  • Log and manage your prospects or client visits.
  • Log complaints, manager to receive immediate email notification of the complaint to take action.
  • Log notes related to your prospect or clients withfollow-up reminders.
  • Create unique questions which your team, to interact with your prospects or clients to get feedback in real-time when logging a visit.
  • Mini calendar on your dashboard to remind you and guide you to manage prospect or client follow-ups.
  • Send uploaded price-lists, product specifications, brochures or credit applications to your prospects or clients via the Attachment Email module selecting attachments from the attachments library.
  • Attachments Library is created by the Admin / Manager User.
  • Message Board, manager to post messages to the dashboard for all company users to view and interact(Mid-March 2024).
  • Tasking system, be able to task anyone registered as a company user on the system (End March 2024).

Embrace the future of activities management with Sales Genie. Maximize your team’s potential, enhance productivity, and boost your bottom line. Don’t just keep up with the competition – surpass them. Experience unparalleled sales management efficiency today!

Sales Genie goes beyond its applications for sales teams, proving to be a versatile solution across various industries. Beyond sales functions, it seamlessly integrates into your business processes, facilitating the efficient management of team activities, maintenance and repairs visit logs, and complaints.

With Sales Genie, you gain a comprehensive tool-set that extends to follow-up reminders, ensuring you stay proactive and on top of your team’s performance, particularly in service-oriented sectors. Elevate your operational efficiency and enhance team coordination with Sales Genie across diverse professional landscapes. Important any client base into Sales Genie to allow your team to manage their clients in an efficient way.