We are very excited to have launched Sales Genie in February 2024.

Sales Genie, goes beyond its applications for sales teams, proving to be a versatile solution across various industries. Beyond sales functions, it seamlessly integrates into your business processes, facilitating the efficient management of team activities, maintenance and repairs visit logs, and complaints.

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Sign up for Free with 1 user, 5 Prospects /Clients {For a limited time only!}

R1000.00 per month, up to 2 users, 75Prospects /Clients

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R3000.00 per month, up to 8 users, 200Prospects /Clients

R5000.00 per month, unlimited users & Prospects / Clients

All pricing above is excluding vat.

If you would like more information about our Sales Genie software, please send us an email to requestdemo@salesgenie.co.za.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.